26 Nov 2012

Enjoy your youth. You'll never be younger than you are at this very moment.

Came across this on my tumblr the other day and it struck me so hard it, was almost revelational. I'm never one who likes to be pushed along with the flow and doing things I don't like or find much value in (like gnawing on lots of school books) because I find so much more meaning in learning from life itself. So, after having been quite unhappy for what seems like a long time, I've started to pull myself back together and stronger than before. This quote came at a right time and I realise my youth is the one precious thing I will never get back if I keep going back to what was yesterday's.

Anyhoo, this quote from Chad Sugg's first book, Monsters Under Your Head: a poetry book about life in the words of someone who's just as lost in it as you. I think I'm in love right after I saw a second quote from there. Shall not spoil the fun but those who like short & sweet phrases or poetry should defo take a look at it. For this I'm breaking my track record of not having stepped into a public library for N years & try to borrow it. 

I shall enjoy my youth, take more naps & eat whatever I want whenever I want. Social norms were just created to restrict freedom & I ain't taking that. #peace.