11 Dec 2012

Accessories Galore

So, I've been DIYing for a long time & have always wanted to start blogging about it but never got to doing it. Finally, now that I can dedicate some time to do it, I decide to start off with the simple ones first.

This time, it all started when I decide to make a short visit at Grammah (Modparade's new sister store) one lazy and cooling Saturday. The first floor was amazing already with their one piece only vintages & corner of oh-so-reminiscent childhood snacks corner. To my surprise, when I went upstairs, not only were there more one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired pieces, there was a corner selling DIY materials of buttons, studs and more! I immediately grabbed a tin plate and start picking out those I want to take into my collection. The best thing was, these little things were very affordable too.

From Grammah: assorted coloured studs and Eiffel Tower pendants in five pastel colours
 And of course, this was just the start of my weekend DIY journey. I headed straight to Arab St after and started combing the lanes for cloths and other accessories materials. There are a couple of shops that I love to frequent as they have quite a decent array of choices (though some may be quite pricey you are better off buying off the shelves). I tend to buy an assortment of materials together so I have matching colours & parts I need.

A lover of the colour gold, I went for chains and parts of varying gold shades. With a rough idea of what I want to make, I was ready to get it started the moment I reached home!
From left to right: Teal Indian pom pom embellishment, gold chains, leaf pendant, accessories parts, stash from Grammah.
 I first made the simplest of them all- the Greek Leaf bracelet. I was stunned by the exquisite-looking leaf while browsing through what must have been thousands of them hanging on the wall. Knew I had to have it.

What you need:
Chain of your desired length
Accessory hoops (the little gold circles to connect parts together)
Accessory clasp

Simply cut off your desired length of chain after measuring on your wrist, then add the hoop and clasp to either ends of the chain. Test them before you move on as sometimes the clasps can get stuck when first used. Then, simply attach the pendant you have to the middle portion of the chain & you're done! Simple & no fuss at all. Here's mine (the old version)- I personally find it chic and versatile for all my outfits.

The old version- I have since added another hoop to the tip of the leaf and joined it to the chain, making it lie horizontally on the bracelet (below).
 Moving on with the rest of the materials, I subsequently made two other bracelets, a necklace and belt (not in picture). The method is pretty similar, just that I had to spend more time on the Eiffel Tower bracelet as my hoops weren't big enough so I had to chain them up one by one.
On left: double loop bracelet, Eiffel Tower bracelet, greek leaf bracelet. Right: pom pom necklace.
I am decently proud of this batch of DIYs and they have all been very wearable for me the past week. A little girl by the name of Paris whom I met at a charity event last week nearly cried when she saw the Eiffel Tower bracelet and I nearly gave it to her till her Mom said she will get them for her too. The pom pom necklace is quite one-of-a-kind in my accessories collection but I'm even more pleased with the belt I made out of the same material.

The best part about DIYing is that I get to satisfy my desire for unique pieces of clothing and accessories (or whatever I can make, really) without having to pay exorbitant prices. Moreover, it's really a good hobby to pass time and practice my creativity. So here's all for the accessories galore for now but definitely more to come as I have more exciting DIY projects to reveal. I'm especially excited to share how the studs i got from Grammah literally transformed a piece of clothing of mine (soon!). Now it's time to paint some Christmas gifts!