12 Jun 2013

Food Find: Italian

A feast for the eyes.

I'm starting with desserts- probably one of the best Lemon Tarts I have ever tasted in Singapore, and this Torta Della Nonna comes with a surprise of Lava Lemon Curd and a caramelised surface. How much more awesome can it get? The curd was to me a perfect combination of tanginess and sweet, with each flavour more pronounced since it's hot. Boyf and I wolfed this baby down in a neat 5 minutes, as much as we tried to savour it. 

Their Wood Fired Oven pizzas are a specialty. If you like Parma ham, this Prosciutto e Rucola is a darling to have or share. We ordered this extra main cus I really wanted the boyf to try it. As usual, it's topped off with a good portion of Parma and a generous toss of rockets and cheese (you can ask for more if you'd like, they're a real friendly bunch).  I've visited this place so many times  last year since it's just next to my workplace, and the quality of food is still great.

I went for the Squid Ink Pasta (again) simply because it's a delight to have. I guess their portion either increased or they gave me more toppings since it was near end of lunch time. Don't be deceived by the picture, this plate alone is enough for a meal (I had to share it with Joel). Check out that wholesome heap of mussels, squid, prawns and crab meat with tomatoes. I asked for no garlic and they were so kind to accede to my request. I haven't really tried squid ink pastas at any other places cus I'm pretty satisfied with this one, but I have sampled a squid ink risotto in Bangkok. I personally think it goes better with linguine.

I'm not a huge fan of lamb as I was always wary of the treatment of the smell (I can be quite sensitive) but for this Agnello Lamb Shank! Not much lammy smell and the moment Joel put his fork in it, the tender meat just fell off the bone! He gave a good 20 seconds of 'the is so good I'm gonna die' face while enjoying his first mouth. Definitely an attraction for meat lovers, aye?

La Nonna
76 Namly Place 267226
Exclusive 50% off Ala Carte Menu, Set Lunch at SGD22++
or other outlet:
26 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village 277685
1-for-1 pasta/ pizza/ main course, Set Lunch at SGD22++