21 Jun 2013

Food Find: Tea at Quayside

Twas a nice, breezy Sunday afternoon and one might just be a tad too lazy to hit the beach but yearning to get a sight of the sea and boats. We headed to Sentosa Cove for a relaxed, all-afternoon tea buffet. 

Museo is a concept casual dining place where kids are offered canvases to paint in the middle of the restaurant (I'm sure they won't deny any adults of the privilege if they wanted to). It lies on the second storey, so you get a better view of the quay. The place is not quite big, but the ambience was not lacking and I was extremely pleased to see short-tables-on-sofa seating arrangements by the window though I wasn't entitled to one.

I absolutely adore well-designed kitchenware

I always go with a 'starter plate' with tiny portions of everything to test out the offerings first. You can see: 
Crispy roast pork (a local delight made to perfection)
Grilled pork slice
Mango with crystal prawn topped with raddish (a brilliant idea for picking up your food in one forkful)
Fresh prawns with dip 
Angel hair with truffle oil- an absolute delight
Spice smoked tuna (quite a peppery one)
Variety sausage
Single piece of roast chicken

Did I mention I had about 15 of these altogether? I practically raided that section man (it's just one forkful a cup!).

I also always intercept my meal with desserts at the start, in between and the end. Melt-in-your-mouth fresh cold cream rolls and puffs sighted in foreground and back. 

There's a separate bar for desserts, fruits and drinks at one side & I'm totally not complaining about sitting just right next to it. 

And btw, their service is really quite good. I was cold sitting right under the air-conditioning vent and they actually have got shawls and blankets prepared!

The selection of teas are interestingly in fruits, florals and spices in very alluring matching tea sets... Very tempting. I had something like 3 sets of tea? Yea I do like tea a lot. A good selection of coffees available too.

I'm smiling too brightly, really.

The reason why his photos are always out of focus is still a myth to me today.

I regret not taking more photos of the Quayside simply because we were too busy admiring the nice array of private yachts and condominiums lined aside to the restaurants and W Hotel. But from the last shot you get an idea of how scenic it is to take a little stroll after a 3 hour long high tea buffet. & it was quite fun to take touristy shots along the docks. 

31 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove S098375
*High Tea buffet also comes with option of free flow beer