22 Jun 2013

Lust: Loewe Love

Loewe (Spain) is my absolute favourite when it comes to logo artistry. 
Their anagram is my most loved of all and I really like how it matches so well with the brand name. When I first set my eyes on the iconic Loewe Amazona, I was so seduced by the intricate logo that I nearly wanted to make it my family crest. Not kidding. 

Each Amazona comes with a functional lock, key holder and sufficient compartments on the inside. The leather quality is premium goatskin (outer) and sheepskin (inner) with gold and silver hardware to choose from. Additionally, rectangle bags has to be one of the most easy to organise bag shapes, versatile to keep your notebooks, accessories and even water bottles. 

An array of the most classic Loewe Amazona bags
These they no longer carry in stores anymore. I am extremely dismayed because I am obsessed over the stitched logo and when I tried carrying one some time ago, . Now the new ones have small embossed logos in between the handles, which are quite delicate, in my opinion, but less of a unique touch. They come in 2 sizes of 28 and 36. Colour-block ones also available in stores now.

This is one of my favourites- the limited edition Loewe Amazona Dragon: in a deep, fiery red colour and gold dragon locket and hardware. If you're lucky enough to have got one then, I'd suggest you keep it dearly. All the stores I've been to in Singapore have sold theirs out the moment it was released.

Another more recently discovered top favourite: the Loewe Barroco Baroque 35 Limited Edition Amazona. I am totally mesmerised by the relief print on the leather- this is definitely going on my top list of to-be-coveted. Behind it is the croc skin Amazona, which costs a hefty SGD33,000. I do like croc, but I'll give this one a miss.

Next up: the cute Loewe Flamenco. Don't you just adore those huge bouncy contrast tassels? The luscious sheepskin is such a winner.

This Flamenco 30 is the bomb. Gradient is one of those fashion trends I personally predict will never go out of trend ever. And look how smooth and exquisitely this one is executed! On my A list already.

There might still be some on Reebonz right now if you're quick, and I'm gonna hop off before I get too engrossed in my Loewe madness again. Will aim to get one soon (yes, I insist on earning my bags myself), hasta entonces!