23 Jun 2013

Summer On My Nails

 Hey, colour block isn't out yet. And while being cooped at home due to the severe haze yesterday, I decided to try something new with my nails other than my usual plain look. I originally had them in Revlon's Craving Coral, but decided to layer Zoya's Tobey over since I was inspired by my wardrobe (which coincidentally had a fuchsia and tangerine piece hung together). 

Tada! I can't stop admiring them now.

 Craving Coral is a delicious, saturated orange which really makes my tanned skin fairer with a touch of edginess. Revlon has been rather easy to apply for me, but tend to dry out in the bottle really fast. 

As for Zoya, Tobey (from here) is just 1/7 of my humble collection. It's a slightly bimbo pink that would have been slightly annoying for my fairly long finger nails but look much more tamed but still outstanding with Craving Coral. I've been a great fan of Zoya since last summer when I came to know about it while working with ArglyDuckling. Zoya laquers are 3-Free, which means they are less harmful for your nails and health but still incredibly beautiful and still are soooo easy to apply and remove (super long lasting too!). It's also a better choice for pregnant ladies and those who have sensitive noses or asthmatic concerns.

Blinging them out on a much clearer day! I really love how it goes with my gold accessories. 

What I did:
1. Apply base coat, leave them to dry
2. Apply 2 layers of Craving Coral, leave them to dry in between each layer
3. Paste eyelid stickers on each finger and aligning their position by comparing nail to nail (imagine doing a 'heart' sign with both hands)
4. Apply 2 thin layers of Tobey, remove stickers immediately, leave them to dry in between each layer 
5. Apply top coat extending to nail edges, leave them to dry

Really simple!

Other tips: 
1. Since I am right-handed, I usually do my right hand first so that I can clean up more easily if I create a mess. 
2. Use a good base coat so that your laquer is longer-lasting. I also apply a layer of nail strengthener before that
3. Apply layers thinly so that they are more evenly spread and dry more easily. You can always apply more layers if needed
4. Apply topcoat every 2 or 3 days to prevent chipping and make your polish more long lasting
5. Roll your laquer bottles, not shake them, so that they won't bubble
6. If your laquers dry out, try mixing in some polish remover
7. Use good nail polish- 3-Free ones if possible. Ladies, don't risk your healthy nails and health.

And the secret to creating the straight lines for my colour block is this little accessory below!
They are affordable, versatile, great substitutes for professional nail stickers and don't leave marks like tapes do. Lastly, don't ever forget your base and top coat! I recommend Butter London's base coat (from here) and Seche Vite's top coat (from here- you won't believe how fast drying, smooth and hardy it is!)

Quite Bottega Veneta aye? Feel free to leave a comment if you've great nail ideas, have fun creating yours!