15 Jun 2013

The Singapore Shake Shack

Burgers may or may not seem like a big thing to Singaporeans/ Asians in general and our general exposure to them may be restricted to MacDonald's & maybe some better known brunch places around, but if you're interested to know why THIS should and will be made the new mainstream burger, read on. 

Omakase (Chef's choice | Jap: It's Up To You) Burger (not a japanese restaurant) was started by an ex banker who was a burger fanatic since his U.S. days and decided to bring what I call the 'Shake Shack Fever' to Singapore. It carries a fast food restaurant concept though of course the quality of food, price and service is much more premium. It also works with local suppliers to ensure they get the freshest quality ingredients needed.

Since the boyf loves burgers and we have always wanted to try it out (I kept tempting him with ahmazing Instagram photos), we got here by car on his birthday weekend to check it out. & I must mention that although the Grandstand may not be very accessible by public transport, it is so convenient if you drive since they have close to 4000 free parking lots. 

Get your napkins ready.

What you're seeing: Omakase Cheeseburger (doubled up) topped up with Truffle Fries (legit)

I know, it's good overflowing cheese in between the patties with fresh lettuce capsuled between soft yellow bread.

& Here: Pork Belly Burger topped up with Sweet Potato Fries

Picture of their Rootbeer float is not here but I can tell you their soft serve ice cream is delicious!

Well well, if the pictures have not got you all excited yet, here's the tastebuds speaking. Let's start from dissecting the burger parts:

The Bun- soft, springy, fresh and in proportion with a great butter aroma (think gourmet buns)
The Patties- so juicy you might mistake them for Xiao Long Bao fillings & you can choose how you want them done. Soft, flavourful and self smashed by Omakase themself. Chicken used are said to have 'never seen the freezer before' (Imagine that, cus I also heard from my JC teacher that the average supermarket chicken has been in the warehouse for 2 years)
The Cheese- authetic, quality American cheese (Y)
The greens- fresh & wholesome, no complains.
The Sidekicks- go for the truffle fries! They're good and you probly can't find many decent ones at their price (SGD6.90). Check out what makes them special and their full menu here.

I'm getting too excited writing all these I just want to hop on my car & get there right now, but I'm saving my tummy for some exciting Spanish Tapas later on.

Bring some cash and hop to the Grandstand already, and maybe grab some nice imported fruits from Pasarbella after.

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Road #01-05, Bukit Timah 287994
Check their opening hours before visiting