6 Jul 2013

Food Find: Gorgeous International

It was the best buffet I've had in Singapore for a long time. 

I was initially contemplative about going to this place since the last meal I had (in the ballroom) was not worth a mention. But this one, is so dope.

See those huge slabs of salmon and octopus? 

They are cut fresh when you request for them at the counter. And as the theme buffet suggests, you can ask for as much as you want without feeling guilty or 'paiseh'. (^^) I'm not a huge fan of it but Joel and his mum are, so I got them one plate cut from an entire piece of salmon belly.

This looks much better in real than the picture already is. 

Huuuge Alaskan crab legs well chilled with slit shells for easy eating gloriously laid out on its exclusive pedestal. What I like about this compared to Kuishinbo or Todai (which serve similar crab legs as well) is that 1) this is much bigger and fleshier, 2) it's real fresh 3) the taste is just right; not too salty. 

Next to it are waves of propped up Scallops, some almost as big as my palm. Apparently, the ones with orange 'rims' (gonad) are female while the white ones are male. You learn something new everyday! I personally find the female ones tastier. A shame I don't have a picture of it (was too busy eating, obviously). There are also big chilled prawns in this dedicated seafood section. 

My first time sighting any buffet having a special dedication to condiments! They include chili powder, dried shrimps and a variety of others. I have no idea why I only took this and not the amazing spicy mushroom soup served with huge (peeled) crystal prawns at the side. They were so yums, I had two servings.

From left to right: Panna Cotta topped with raspberry, Yam top biscuit, Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Cheesecake and fresh strawberries. 

Out of the three main sections at the buffet hall (the place is very big), one is dedicated to sweets, what a delight! There musst have been close to ten types of cakes, waffles, fondue (with my favourite straberries the size of small apricots), lots of chocolate and other tea complementing snacks. 

I had a pot of Gryphon Sakura green tea after the meal and felt so soothed and satisfied. Coffee is available too. 

Other notes:
1. The price is very reasonably priced: SGD48++ for lunch and SGD68++ for dinner. 4-for-3 card promotion applicable.
2. The service is excellent and staff are very well trained. Some are even enthusiastic to recommend the good dishes around (laksa is one of them) , and a group of them went to the extra mile to get a special cake done for Joel's mum and sang for her birthday song together. Really heartwarming.
3. There is much more variety than this posts captures, and the quality is good too. I regret not taking pictures for each food section for indian, mexican, chinese and western food etc. Before I forget, there's a counter for cheeses too. Upz!

After the meal, we headed to the Grandstand for a drink. I must say when I have a car, it's probably gonna become one of my favourite hangouts. We got fresh premium fruits from Tangy Tangerines at Pasarbella including golden apricots (the bomb), avacado, Myanmar mangos and grapefruits. While they are quite steep in prices, they.are.good. Do visit!

Edge | Food Theatre
Level 3, Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard S039595