7 Jul 2013

Lust: All Day Bags

It's a bag galore! 

Don't be mistaken, I don't own any branded bags but I do still like looking at them to motivate myself to work harder to earn myself one (or two, or more). To me, I want to be a woman who works hard to get what she wants because that's a woman who deserves true respect. 

Never used to understand how people can spend thousands on bags, but I guess it's at least a feast for the eyes and no harm just checking them out. So here's sharing a list of lust bags off the top of my head!

Hermes Birkin Bag
The most luxurious of all luxury bags inspired by Jane Birkin. Most recognised and coveted despite not having a logo on it like most bags. Comes in a variety of colours and materials handmade to the owner's liking and six sizes (two travel size). I favourite the white one with the flap and gold hardware (but of course) though I would most like to covet the crocodile one hands down, though the bright colours are tempting too. I would wear it with scarves wrapped around the handles or in a bow on the handle. P.S. The most expensive Red Porosus Crocodile Birkin with 18K White Gold & Diamond Hardware was sold for a whopping USD203,150.  Can't imagine carrying that. 
Chanel Classis Grand Shopping Tote
I fell in love with this immediately after trying it in a store one courageous day. Simple, versatile, utility and not too heavy. The white, again, is my top choice. Many would go for the more popular 2.55, which is elegant and gorgeous in red, I would want this more in my 20s. I like how the handles are just nice on the shoulder and not too long for the arms. Comes in classic white, beige and black with choice of silver and gold hardware.
Givenchy Nightingale *limited edition*
I am a sucker for limited edition goods, with no exception in bags either. I've eyed on a Nightingale for the longest time ever and just when I was deciding between coveting the orange or red as my first trophy, I came across this darling. Notice the chained shoulder strap and contrast coloured stitching, oh, what a dear. I would go for the gostskin since it's lighter (can't deal with heavy bags). For those who're into an even more minimalist look, go for the embossed logo with same colour stitching and silver hardware. 


Givenchy Antigona with 3D Geometry
I changed my mind about the Antigona looking too mature for my age after this rendition was released. Check out how the 3D raised geometry adds that funky yet classy twist to the bag! Givenchy did not disappoint once again being the second largest brand under LVMH. I can't see how this bag can be less than an all-week bag that brings you from the office to girls night out to a brunch weekend. 

Proenza Schouler PS1
Probably one of the younger names around, the PS1 has done a good job in rising to becoming one of the most popular friends amongst affluent youths. This time, I really can't decide between the suede and polished leather (though weight will probably help with the choice). The PS1 is one of the iconic bags that comes in the widest array of colours, from basics to neon. The only flaw I can point out is that it's hard to use when you carry it by the short handle since unbuckling it might potentially induce a bag spill. Nonetheless, how can one bag possibly look so good in all colours? Final vote, I heart the neon.

Balenciaga City
Bleu Tropical. What in the world... The colour is amazing! Irresistable rectangle cut (I have a thing for that, if you realised) with gold studs. I went berserk when I carried this on my hands. No words needed, bow to the beauty of this Balenciaga classic. The only regret? It doesn't seem to come with giant gold studs. Sorry Brogue, you have been put on the waiting list.

Loewe Amazona *limited edition*
What kind of sorcery is this? My exact words on Instagram with very controlled use of language under an emotional overwhelm. I always 'worshipped' the Limited Edition Dragon (here) but since I won't be able to get my hands on that, this shall reign. Argh but it's limited edition as well. Am I just not fated? 

Loewe Barroco Baroque Amazona *limited edition*
Needless to say, this will probably forever stay in my Book of Lust. I absolutely can't resist baroque and I had a mini heart attack similar to when I went through Balmain's Baroque collections. Why are you so flawless? Okay, not really, because I'm not a fan of black. But I still love you.

Diamonds are said to be a woman's best friend, but of what use are they if they aren't worn as symbols of eternal love? Bags are said to be a woman's second best friend, and I may have to second that. I mean, it's afterall an essential, right? 

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