18 Aug 2013

Old Neighbourhood

The persistent foodie goes out of the way to pursue a heart brunch at the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood (the rumoured to be up-and-coming new hipster hangout).

40 HANDS coffee which dear Diana loved! Spot Plain Vanilla box in the background- yes, they just opened a new outlet around the corner! I need to profess my love for their red velvet and salted caramel cupcakesss.

Don't you love their food presentation? So much thought has been put into each dish, I can't imagine how many prototypes everything went through. It's smart too, take the example of tomatoes- they're not lazy chefs who just slice them, but cut them by whole layers so you get enough flesh with every bite!

The bomb is this 48 hour beef cheek. Diana was right about how it would have been perfected with some red wine reduction, but this is epic already. The meat was so tender with the right balance of flavours and no stench at all. The water boiled potato mash (spot cylindrical object) is amazing!

WOW. The first tart I've seen from PV? Chocolate tart shell, chocolate filling with sprinkled sea salt. To my surprise, there was a layer of caramel beneath the chocolate filling too! Delish.

The interior of this place is genuinely very artistic. It's bright enough and has a great assortment of furniture and decorations. Love the lemongrass in bottles which freshens up the atmosphere at every corner. Wish the aircon wasn't that freezing though- our food was very cold very soon. 

Open Door Policy goes by the simple formula of ODP = great food and drink + buzzy yet intimate atmosphere + friendly intimate service. Yep that's quite long (from their website) but it explains- kinda. 

We had an extremely helpful staff who explained to me all my weird questions such as how the water boiled potato mash is made, another lady who told us about the chefs and the other affiliated hangouts, and lastly a loud (very loud) but wonderfully entertaining dude who acted like he's just won lottery for the Nth time. He was funny and such a cheerful guy!

It's just so great to catch up with Diana over brunch now and then. The only one I can talk about food, life and entrepreneurship all at one time! Here's to our entrepreneur future and the blossoming of our dreams and visions. All the best for your adventures in the States, xo.

Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Streey (Yong Siak View) S168650
Closed on Tuesdays

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