31 Aug 2013

Love, Is Falling In Love All Over Again, Everyday

The day started with my oversleeping, having a terrible throat and going to work. Took some time out to pop by school for an event and here's a selfie on my most recently coveted full crystal necklace.

My day took a turn when I received a delivery out of the blue in the afternoon. I initially thought it was a prank when someone told me I had flowers waiting for me at the reception. But in all seriousness... It was a bouquet of fresh purple roses.

I was so surprised my hands were trembling and I nearly cried (you can see my half stunned face here). My supervisor was so perplexed she googled 'why is everyone getting flowers' on my computer while I went to get them.

Pulled a denim on denim again with my new oversized dark wash denim jacket, OB belt and Zara heels.

*Pure bliss*

(iPhone4S front camera is certainly hopeless...)

What can be sweeter than this? I melted.

Long distance relationships are really hard and even more so given it's my first proper relationship. But we both just have to put in 300% and do everything we can to go back to each other again. It hadn't been easy, but we will make it.

Thank you for loving me, J. I'm glad you found me.