19 Aug 2013

The First Checkered Shirt

I've always liked more girly, indie and bold designs and never really looked into having basics in my wardrobe. Yes, that last for 21 years? I've been recently loading my wardrobe with basics extensively (which turn out to be mainly, unsurprisingly, white shirts and white stuff). I never liked Uniqlo as their designs use to be quite Obasan until J got me walking into their stores way too frequently. I am too much a sucker for good quality stuff. 

I scored this entire outfit there when I walked into their sale accidentally! For just SGD54.80.

These are basically the only jeans I have- love that they're in a charming chartreuse colour. These ultra stretchy jeans are light, smooth, comfortable and shaping- what more can I ask for?. What's more- I got them at SGD19.90, a whopping SGD50 off from original price! This is what I call a sale, amazing! I got 3 friends to buy them on the very day. I couldn't resist this 100% cotton shirt that is so soft and gentle and got it even though it isn't my usual style. Diversification success? Matched with a statement necklace and that completes my casual Friday look.

On another note, Uniqlo also landed me an extra talk point during my interview at Blueprint earlier this year. That was a cute story that brings a smile to my face.

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