9 Aug 2013

Tiger Original

Mad in love with this monochrome outfit! My wardrobe never welcomes any black-related pieces no matter how gorgeous I found them. Till a while back when I came across this geometric houndstooth skirt, I was sold. 

The double lapels design is so unique and the cutting fits so well for my usually not-so-easy-to-find-bottoms body shape. Paired it with StyleNanda inspired graphics top (another first), gold and jewel studded clutch and white pointed loafers. 

You won't believe I scored the entire outfit on TaoBao for about SGD70. Whoohoo! I have become such a savvy TaoBao shopper I can find almost anything I want (and see around) in there at fractions of what other online retailers sell for (you've got it right, many overseas shops from all over the world get their stuff there and mark up like mad). Yes, and I have friends who want to make me their personal TaoBao shopper hah. 

Anyway, it's been a good and restful holiday. Happy National Day, Singapore!

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