23 Aug 2013

Travelogue: To A Bestie

Just a small snippet of my 2.5 months of Work & Travel USA journey two years back. We enjoyed so much from Queensbury to NYC, New Jersey, Boston, Washington, Orlando, LA, SF, Montreal exploring the world all by ourselves. Every time I look back on it, I still think it was the best decision I've made in college. 

Thanks to my wonderful, never-failing, gorgeous college bestie Leah for taking me on this whirlwind journey and I swear she's the best travel buddy ever! We compliment each other so well in areas of daily life and learnt how to be better friends through the journey. Seeing how others have fallen out while travelling for such long periods, I can't be more thankful to have had you for this trip. You are such a big part of creating some of the best memories we can look back on (; I'm glad I did this with you! Much love for you Leah <3!

P.S. I also apologise for my ability to sleep anywhere, any time during the trip. Thanks for waking me up and keeping my off gravity head (mostly) in place! 

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