12 Sept 2013



"You're wearing your prints right, guuurl.'

'Hi, I'm the cute cousin of Pufferfish. I'm a Porcupine Fine.'

Kid runs up and exclaims, 'Ma! There are many Nemos!' Real name: Clown Fish.

Glow in the dark corals. Grreat for Halloween.

Star Fish is now officially known as Sea Stars. These cushion stars are bigger than my face.
Sea Apple
My favourite cutiepie. Swim/ push/ shrug along~
Reversed jellyfish.

Both look yummy. Left: less than 1m. Right: grows up to 4m.

I'm so thrilled to be at the world's largest aquarium with my family today. I have to say, I'm a huge fan of marine life and it's also my favourite segments on Nat Geo. I must have seen 400 species today and I am nothing less than overwhelmed and fascinated by all the colours and life. It's not like I've not been to an aquarium, but this one was so well done and I learnt so much.

I couldn't take my eyes off my favourite tanks where the jellyfishes are. These dreamy little darlings are sooo carefree, beautiful and mystical. You can check out their videos on my Instagram.

Sadly, there wasn't any Sea Angels but I saw amazing hatching spotted shark eggs instead. They were SO AMAZING (and apparently sharks can give birth 3 ways, go check it out). They were living together with a tiny crab with long, thin legs with neon pink blossom-like things growing on them. And I also touched a sea star- my mum molested a baby shark and sea cucumber.

Can't wait to learn diving and get up close with these fellas!

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