14 Sept 2013

Dream Until Your Dream Comes True

My mum says I've been into beautiful things since I was a kid, and my personal choices emerged early as a child. I would only go for the nicest dresses, match my stockings and shoes and tie my hair for the outfit since I was maybe 3 or 4?

Art was something relatively new- I only discovered my interest for it when one day I turned up in Art class with a Picasso inspired piece I expected to be embarrassed for. But my Art teacher then Mrs. Soh praised me and even gave it more than one look while other students shunned away from my explicit piece.

It took me years of courage before I decided at 15 to do a 4-year Higher Art Programme and started to learn how to draw and paint seriously. I did my first proper fashion illustration when I was 18. I was told I am the first in Singapore to do Fashion Installation for the Cambridge Advanced Level H2 Art Course. And it was graded an A.

I know I'm not someone who will settle for anything less than fashion for the rest of my life. It's a decision made with many years of perseverance and proving.

So here I am again, working at a dream I'm hoping to change my life with. I picked up the pencil again last night and started sketching again, looking at these Pinterest images for inspiration. Can you guess what this is about? It will be revealed soon, once I'm ready.

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