28 Sept 2013

Fashion: Dos and Don'ts

I frequently get questions from friends for tips on fashion, how to dress and shop etc so just thought I can pen some thoughts here to share with everyone! This is definitely not exhaustive but just really for fun and if you really do need some advice, email me at cocomercy@gmail.com.

- Misconceptions -

1. "By putting nice things on myself, I will look nice."
     Yea just try fitting Johnny Depp's wardrobe on Bieber.

2. "Putting on very unconventional things makes me look oh-so-different (in a good way)."
     Go easy on the cage headgear and metal vests. 

3. "Those clothes are too fanciful and unacceptable! I'll just stick with the basics and clothes that everyone else is wearing."
      No. Outfit clashes are the worst things that can happen to you. 

4. "Wearing colours is a sin. Black and white is oh-so-classic."
     What?!?! Then why are you not colourblind? 

5. "Of course, black is everyone's best colour, so it's mine."
     Do not dress like you're attending a funeral everyday. Soon you'll be attending your own fashion funeral. 

6. "Good looking people look good with anything."
     Half truth but converse does not apply. Just because you think you're not good looking doesn't mean you don't have to dress up. 

7. "I can't pull that off..."
     Oh yes you can. The attitude and confidence matters most. Remember: you wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you. 

- Advice -
(disclaimer: if these don't work on you and you need serious help, email me) 

1. People fail to realise the most important thing to fashion is finding and wearing what suits you, and makes you happy. 

2. Money can buy you fashionable and nice things, but fashionable people don't necessarily need heaps of money to look stylish. In fact, those who look good spending less are more respectable. 

3. Fashion is expression, not imposition. Fashion is also tasteful and classy. Dress respectfully. If you want to bare excessive skin, go to the nightclub or nude beach.

4. Just because there seems to be a trend doesn't mean you have to follow it.

5. If you aren't very creative, go simple. Chanel once said take off the last accessory you put on before leaving the house. Don't overdo it if you can't.

6. The single most important attribute to a good piece of clothing is fit. Never settle for anything less than suitable, there will always be something nicer to buy.

7. Don't diversify your wardrobe for the sake of it.

8. Save up for one nice piece, not 5 badly made and low quality 'things'.

9. If you're not sure of something, don't buy it. You won't regret it as much as compulsive buying.

10. Don't be a brand whore. No. Don't even.

I am a self admitted aware and very careful shopper. I do not tolerate 'unsure fashion' in my wardrobe (mostly because there's no space and I'm a poor student) and I give myself time to think before making a purchase. On top of that, I DIY whatever I can.

Hope this clears some of your doubts! What are some of your tips and tricks? Leave me a comment below! Xo.

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