8 Sept 2013

Scarlet, Just Slightly

Interesting how the hair cut revealed an ombre effect on my hair and on good hair days, I really like my asymmetrical bob. Thanks to everyone who supported and complimented my new look!

So last night, I attended one of the most looked forward to school events and was privileged to have a seat at front row. How strange that three years back I styled for the show and today I'm returning for the third time as an audience. Of course, it was a great excuse to dress up- can't believe I pulled this outfit together in less than 20 minutes and stacked my precious loved, wear-to-death gold accessories.

The theme was very testing- Music. Well, the thought of turning up as a musical note or piano did cross my mind but obviously I'm not gonna turn this fashion show into a Halloween party. This pair of python print sequinned leggings and ASOS dress both came in handy and took the chance to head out for the first time.

Credits to these lovely babies, I was awarded the Best Dressed Lady of the night (gee!). It's not a good thing when the emcee happens to be your friend, he will (for sure) pull no-warning stunts such as making you do a catwalk on stage in front of a 500 people audience.

Thanks to Monica for helping document my first time trying this out of my usual over the top (slightly vampy) look! Till next year.

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