15 Sept 2013

Stars for Eyes


The perfect DIY ripped BR jeans goes best with white. Again, I've been breaking my fashion norms by actually putting on jeans these days. I remember how Mum frowns whenever I cut my jeans up, as if I'm destroying them.Whereas in fact, I wear them more after I DIY them. 

Mad in love with my new Chanel lippies, they have the best neon pinks (after YSL). Though drier, I make it up by layering on more lip balm. It's really an art to find the best lip colour for yourself and I'm really glad to have found mine! 

I've been doing ombres on my lip since a few years back, and felt so flattered when they started trending last year. Purple lips next? 

To my lovely readers who have been giving love, thank you so much! Though I've only started on this for a couple of months, I love how I'm more motivated to document my life now. You keep me going <3 Have a great Monday, all yall!

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