22 Sept 2013

You're My Favourite Person

Saturday out, Sunday in. I  have so little chance to be in shorts nowadays I'm literally exhilarated to put them on in the weekends. What's more for my favourite fringe pair from Zara? Sorry the photo didn't do you justice, love.

Paired the look with H&M crochet top and Fabrix leather bag with courtesy from Bondue and Fabrix. I must say I'm a sucker for light bags and this did really well serving me on a North to extreme West journey. Topping off with a DIY sunflower bracelet, accessorize bracelet and new pentagon stars shades.

And yes, my hairdresser is not lousy, I just asked for an asymmetrical bob (which looks much nicer on other days) and I can't stop reassuring everyone how comfortable I feel in this new hair. I really do love the change.

Really looking for ideas to put on some healthy weight- any recommendations? Please leave a note below or catch me on Instagram!

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