10 Oct 2013


People probably think I'm nuts for wearing a cashmere/ tweed jacket in this seemingly blazing sun, but I had every reason to do so anyway because the office is cold, the jacket is new from the H&M sale, it matches my skirt yada yada.

I was so pleased to match shimmer top with autumn red skirt and fuzzy jacket. The silhouette, weight and colours were just right and once again I'm so thankful for these heels. Was so happy while taking these photos cus bff was too entertaining doing this for the first time.

The best friend is back from Italy, sick of pizza and over zealous and romance-to-death Italian men professing their love in restaurants and using pepper bottle rings for proposal to her in front of her brothers and parents. A simple meal was all we needed. And as always, she brought back a small gift to give me a share of her traveling memories. This time, a neatly crafted leather bound notebook.

It's two more months to end of internship and I'm excited yet apprehensive about the reopening of school. I have to embrace this freedom whilst it lasts.

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