12 Oct 2013

It's All In The Details

New Gem X Tortoise necklace
Gold starfish bracelet, lucky bone ring, leaf thumb ring, snowflake ring- absolutely obssessed (you can see closeup here)

Gold stackable rings, custom made gold leather heel oxfords, encrusted bracelet and quilt leather skirt
Geometric cropped cardigan, neon and black tassle necklace

Blue reflective shades, StyleNanda orange lip pen, China Glaze Bat My Eyes gold glitter nail lacquer
Pyramid stackable delicate rings, DIY white X clear nail art (OPI)

Fuchsia and red lippies on weekdays, both from Dior. Red with a tint of NYX in center

Just some of the details I've captured over the week. Some outfits are on my Instagram (short and sweet) and others, I've decided not to upload over time. Have worn my awesome geometric cropped cardigan twice this week- quite a feat cus I usually don't repeat outfits, jackets maybe once in a few months... But loads of sweeties just came in this week and I'm so excited to wear them!

Orange is my nude. But I'll never give up bright pinks, and possibly red. Still hunting for the perfect purple ones.

Just watched 'The World's End' with J and it had lifted up my weekend mood by so much I'm literally wearing a permanent mild smile now. On a random note, I'm suddenly craving steamboat right now. 

Okay, off to make some acrylic jewellery now! Ciao. 

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