31 Oct 2013


Seriously stretching the casual Friday too far to casual everyday in modal and leather. I have to thank Club21 for having such an incredible sale last week, where I had the rare chance of coveting Calvin Klein numbers- 4 pants and 1 dress at that. Work has made me dress more androgynous these days, and comfort mattered more to me than anything else, especially in a freezing office. My little sister said I look very man in this outfit. But who cares, I love being enveloped in my futon slack top.The value of attraction is in androgyny this season.

Professing my love for my favourite pair of fall/ winter boots (yet again). And I also noticed myself matching my lip colours with little details of my outfit, such as my belt in this instance. The 3ce lippies from Style Nanda are terribly hard to quit these days.

Weekend is nearing, exciting times are here!

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