6 Oct 2013

O' Beach, Please

 Who dare say a picture of man and dog is not perfect?

 Favourite Tanjong Fly- had almost a bottle of it. 

It was a Saturday well spent at the beach with the colleagues and I can't be more thankful towards how the team has shown me love and care since the start of the internship. I was absolutely delighted to see Tanjong Fly (remember Sarong Fly? Yes! (Kinda) same thing!) and I immediately ordered a cup to try. 2 seconds later I ordered a bottle. Not sorry at all!

The food at Tanjong Beach Club wasn't great at all, but the sand was clean and people generally more civilized. We embraced the good weather and indulged in drinks, food, and more drinks.

We also stayed away from the pool. Yes, that's advisable.

After protesting about how hungry I am we decided to head to Gem Bar on Ang Siang Hill for round 2 and fooood. For those of you who know me, I practically can't stop eating. Though I had lunch, calamari, fish & chips, truffle fries and drinks I was getting hungry again at about 9. The highlight of the dinper (dinner/supper) has to be the fiery wings! The chili is sooo good. Beef stew was awesome too and thanks to the kind waiter we got our food pretty fast.

Went home with an exploding belly and fell asleep happily.

(J called me at 3+ am right after work and told me gout has been giving him a hard time. Hope you get well soon babe, hang in there.)

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