20 Oct 2013

Wishing For Christmas

(Can't) Deal with my obsession with white. White on white is probably my favourite outfit style, what more with my deserving white H&M maxi and lace kimono and gold accents. Getting used to my hair is easy yet unspecifically difficult at times, as I thought most of my clothes would look very different on me now. I can no longer channel that slightly uncaring bohemian vibe with tousled locks I love, but rather, a more clean-cut lines and silhouettes now. I still sweep my hair both ways just cus I'm not into all that prim and proper look afterall. 

It was such a great cooling day to be wearing these out, and for a moment I imagined it was the holiday's, all over again. Today, I'm really dreading tomorrow and really, all I want to do is lie in my white sheets all day. 

A mother and daughter duo smiled at my in the train today while explicitly discussing my all-white outfit, while the daughter carefully keeps her freshly drawn henna hands at a safe distance away from me. Natalie made me smile for simple things today. And I walked in the drizzle home. Starving, I had a bowl of piping hot tom yum noodles. 

Pretty perfect day I would say.