1 Nov 2013

Denim Does It Best


Oversized boyfriend denim shirt in vintage cut, ripped light washed jeans, white sneakers. Appreciating denim as I grow older is a blessing.

Feel like blending into the white walls or summon a room of requirement to have this Friday night to myself. One of those times I really desire silence and stillness. To experience nothingness, peace and void. Dreadfully, November is here and my only wish is for it to linger longer so I can savour my last bit of freedom this year a wince more. 

Today it occurred to me how time pasts the fastest when we're in bed. So, so true. I wish the speed of time I have in my bed can be manipulated in any way I want, but again that risks me committing the crime of permanent hibernation and sloth suicide. I must say the winter season is kinda getting to me, and I'm really enjoying it. 

Btw, there's a new section on the right column where you can shop almost all brand new items from my wardrobe at incredible prices. Please email me at cocomercy@gmail.com to help clear some space and bring a piece of goodie home! (All prices are inclusive of normal postage.) Seriously my loss, your gain. 

Have a good weekend folks, can't wait for high tea tomorrow. Xo


  1. hi coco, where did you get your white sneakers from? :)

    1. Hi there,

      They're from H&M! (; And really comfy too!