25 Feb 2014

Keep dreaming

Monotonous colour blocking with gold accents has been my staple outfit inspo some days back, but this drape maxi with both gold and silver accessories has got to be one of my favourites. Layering and mixing metals can make such a big difference to an otherwise quite witchy outfit!

Exciting news on the way as I'm applying to London for summer school! It feels so fulfilling cus it will be one of my widest first steps to realising my dreams. I pray that God with his favour and all-knowingness gives me the right chances and choices to make so I can achieve my best. Nonetheless, I've been busy choosing my courses admist the cray cray school work and I can hardly get myself enough sleep. Every week I push myself on with the motivation to see J during the weekend. 

Today I'm reminded again to seek peace and rest in God's grace. I've been roughing hectic days with smiles and optimism. The lasts of school days are making me ever so clear about what I want and how to get there. 

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