13 Mar 2014

Basics/ A New Beginning

Uniqlo ultra comfy tee/ Taobao collarless white blazer/ DIY thrifted Lee's denim/ Cynthia Rowley Bag/ ZARA silver leather shoes/ ASOS shades/ Titus watch (men's)

This has got to be one of my favourite set of photos taken by a friend so far. It was post presentation and of course this is too casual for it but I guess I made it up with the blazer. I've turned to a more basic style on dress down days this year and I swear it has to do with the drought and haze that my usual Bohemian layers don't work in anymore. The boyfriend can't be happier that I'm finally dressing 'normal' on some days. I wish I can stop saying this but Uniqlo is my absolute heaven for basics in Singapore. Superior quality, thoughtful cuttings and extremely affordable prices. They made me addicted to basics and now I can't stop...

As for the DIY Lee's, what can I say? Best thing I've got for free in my wardrobe thus far. It's a classic blue quality piece that I added an extra button hole for high-waist days. My trustly pony hair and calf leather reversible tote is the bag I carry to spice up a basic outfit. Probably the best buy from my work and travel trip in USA.

School's busy and work just keep coming down at me and it's been a struggle finding time for other things I'm doing and keeping in tune with my interests. However the official confirmation for my biggest event in 2014 has come... I'm heading to London in summer to my dream schools Central Saint Martin and London College of Fashion! This road to working towards my dream career and passion has been anything but easy, and I'm thankful to all who have encouraged and supported me along the way. The dream chaser won't stop and I'll remember to go far in chasing my dreams and work harder than ever towards THE BIG THING. Stay tuned!

P.S. The Uniqlo mention is my personal view and is not sponsored, paid for or meant for advertising purposes. 

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