2 Mar 2014

Butterfly Effect

P.S. I wasn't at the beach.

Instead, I did a massive overhaul of my wardrobe and attended the ThreeBlindMice Flea with Mon last weekend. When it ended we walked out to the brilliant setting sun and whipped out our phones for a few impromptu photos. Mon said I looked like a butterfly (compliment?) but I was really just worried the wind would give me a Monroe moment!

The flea was really quite massive as Aloy and Kendrick want to make it the largest in Singapore, and it might well be on its way. Photos below nabbed from Mon, by Mon.

Mon's outfit photo captured by me on iPhone, pretty good phone camera I must say! I'm learning to appreciate it more as it slowly evolve to become my full time photo-taking partner-in-crime.

Can't wait for the next TBMF in June!

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