20 Mar 2014

Dancing All Alone

Major prints situation in school yday! It was (finally) raining so I wore my maxi tucked into my belt. I've never seen anyone doing that and it's totally my new thing - what do you think?

In a flash I'm already at the last couple of weeks in school for this spring, and I'm getting the jitters just thinking about the amazing internship coming right up after. I will be working with the world's largest publisher in premium lingerie and swimwear, Network Dessous, as the Asia rep in business development and sales. I would never dream of even landing this job just a few months ago! The interview and test process has been arduous but I know that eventually it will all be worth it. Which other company will fly an intern to Hong Kong for a trade show where you get to meet all the best people in the business? Hopefully I can sneak a visit to the HQ in Milan too!

Battling the mounting number of deadlines this couple of weeks having just finished three tests and seriously can't wait for the weekend to come. If anything, I just want a good massage and some serious gastronomical food.

Also in the midst of learning more about London in preparation for summer and looking for accomodation near Kings Cross. Hit me if you have any recommendations?

Kisses to everyone who has been supporting this blog and your kind words! I feel so loved for being loved for doing what I'm passionate about. Can't wait to share another exciting news with you next week!

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