1 Mar 2014

Desert Lover

This post is very overdue simply because I couldn't spoil the surprise for J before he actually gets his present! He was so busy he only received his present from me last night, should have seen his stone face!

I consider myself an unconventional gift giver (as my close girlfriends will know) but at the same time, it's a really tough habit to keep. Other than giving him a practical gift that I always advocate, I wanted something more, something very very different.

Always taking pride in J telling me I'm quirky & 'weird' (for his lack of a better word) because that makes me feel special (...'mushy!'), I was determined to do something more impressionable than ever. Turned out it was the first plant he ever received (coming from the first-time plant giver)!

Me being me, I always avoid cliches and challenge the ideals (I even told J not to bother with flowers). So I started exploring the irony in this V-day hooha when guys always give girls flowers, by default. Boring. Then voila! I should give J a plant! A cactus! No, a pot of cacti! Thus this wonderfully unique cacti landscape composed of 13 carefully selected mini cacti arranged in a meaningful fashion. Why 13? That'a a cliche...

So here are some interesting facts I found while researching on these little precious succulents:

-        The smallest mature cactus is 1cm and the largest is 19.2m
-        The spikey things on them are spines (modified leaves), not thorns (modified branches)
-        Each species has their own type of spine and unique formation, some even produce wool (which makes me wonder if cactus wool can be sustainable clothing material)
-        A fully grown Carnegiea gigantean can absorb up to 760l of water during rainfall
-        Differently coloured flowers indicate by whom they are pollinated (butterflies, moths, birds, bats etc)
      Say I'm an odd one but I'm glad I made Valentine's impressionable. I also enjoy seeing the bewildered look on J's face when he saw this.

      Like them, we will thrive through the worst droughts, the fiercest storms. We'll grow stronger, we will flourish under the light of sun.

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