9 Mar 2014

Fashion vs. Style

These two terms are more often used interchangeably, but what most people don't realise is that they mean entirely different things. I'm serious, most people don't.

The billion dollar answer: Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. Ie.:

- Fashion can give you good style but good style does not comprise solely of pure (expensive) fashion
- Having the bucks to buy all the nice things in the world does not make you stylish
- Bring stylish does not make you unfashionable
- Fashion can fade, but style stays

Hope that's clear enough to de-myth some of the confusion. Here are some street style inspirations from Fashion Week that just happened to top it off. (source: style.com)

Girls and women need to start understanding the differences. Nonetheless, the two terms are closely related and coexist in many occasions. Notable bloggers such as Nicole Warne and Aimee Song to me are both Fashion and Style bloggers whereas Ivania Carpio, Karla Deras, Leandra Medinewould and Sophia Amoruso are more Style icons than Fashion advocates. (Oops just revealed all my favourites!) As you can probably tell, I'm more into style than fashion for now, but the continuum to discovering more inspirational people never stops here.

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