9 Apr 2014

Seeing Through

Spent some time amidst shades of whites, greens and pops of pinks. The garden is such a beautiful and relaxing place to be, much of a change from the usual concrete jungles that traps us in all day. If only the weather isn't this warm, I would sit on a glass table just sipping on passionfruit juice and work all day.

Currently drowning in a sea of work but really looking forward to liberation day next week. I'd go do all the things I've sacrificed throughout the semester; travel to new places for food hunts, make some clothes and do more Pilates. So stoked to plan summer travels in the UK! Can't contain myself at this very moment. Times are only going to get more exciting from this point onwards.

The last summer of my student life is like warm sun rays shining through the high window, there's no way to pause it, no way to grab it. I can only put my hands out and admire, relish the moments of the rainbow landing on both palms, enchanted in its beauty and ephemerality. It's the only way to make time last longer, just for this summer.

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