17 Apr 2014

Weekend Eats

So previously I showed off some Italian yum consisting of wicked mozzarella wrapped in parma ham and soft french bread for starters, sous vied beef cheeks and lobster squid ink pasta for mains topped off with french beer and Chardonnay, gourmet coffee and tea & then cake for dessert.

Then, here's part II with grilled octopus on mash for starter, spring chicken roasted to perfection for main, and 1.5 scoops of delish greek ice cream for sweets with a bonus of handsome exotic chefs working behind the glass kitchen for enhanced visuals. This can go on...  I wish every week is restaurant week - they should make it a more regular thing than it is. You should know by now that what was not captured on camera are the best stuff cus they're gone before I can snap them, but again, what's the point of saying that when you'll still never see them anyways. Okay all you can go food-envy now!

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