8 May 2014


 A couple of weeks ago J planned a random weekend brunch buffet for us at our special restaurant on Fullerton Bay. As there was no menu, it was a pleasing experience waiting to be surprised as the crew of staff reveal the dishes one by one and prepare them to be served on our table one after another. Not sure if it is a Spanish thing for them to overload us with food and smash plates after dissecting the dear suckling piglet, but it was a sure enjoyable scene to feast on while feasting.

Highlights included deconstructed mash served in martini glass with a mousse texture, seafood squid ink rice, suckling pig, free flow of Iberico ham, an extensive range of seafood appetizers and exquisite and a flow of original dessert creations. When the desserts were revealed, I surged towards the table like the other children in the restaurant, ogling and marveling at the brilliant array of curious sweets and burning my brain choosing which ones to covet on my plate. Not surprisingly, I ended up with one of almost every type there is offered... Not ashamed.

As I grow more gastronomically hungry, the urge to pay high prices just to enjoy orgasmic pleasures in my mouth becomes stronger. I can't wait to experience more authentic Spanish food in Spain coming June. It might just be the best trip of my college life ever.

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  1. Seeing this post making me feel really hungry!