7 May 2014

May Day Babe

Being a May Day baby has always been a mixture of bitter-sweetness with a bit of envy. I get at least a day off to enjoy the celebration, and sometimes even a long weekend like this one; but when I was in school, I was always envious of those who had birthdays on 'normal days' since they got the most presents. So, I hadn't been a very present gifted person as a younger student. But now, I enjoy the experiences my birthday brings rather than the gifts.

J took Friday off so we can have a 4 day weekend. Day 1 started at 00:00 when I was woken up abruptly by my sister. I woke up grumpy with a Lady M cake lit with candles thrusted into my face! So glad there was no pictures taken in my most unruly state... So J plotted a cake attack with my sis alongside with other slices of red velvet, strawberry shortcake and cheesecake. What a sweet feast to start off!

Next up was a fulfilling lunch at Tonkichi (the mentai katsu being my total weakness), a 60 minute massage session, window shopping, Omakase and finally home-cooked pasta dinner by J. So we learnt he's not a good cook at all, but we're gonna change that in London. 

Day two comprised of drama marathon with Orphan Black and then sumptuous dinner at Mellben Seafood, and the following day some me time before tea with friends and Irish bar for dinner (and then drama marathon again). Basically it was play, eat, repeat on loop all weekend. No complaints. 

Birthdays aren't the same anymore after my 21st, and every year it becomes a different definition for me. I thank God for blessing me and teaching me how to love in the past year, and I hope to become a better me with each new passing day as I work towards the me I want to be in ten years. 

Happy birthday to me, happy past year of goodness and many more ahead.

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