5 Jun 2014

Before Sunset

Choosing presents is one of the most pressurising moments of my life, especially for my loved ones. I want to give them something that's practical, memorable and most of all, valuable. As it is, most things material or commercialised do not embody those qualities, not to say, seldom being unique as well (ugh). 

The lucky thing is my hands have not forgotten how to paint yet, but the unlucky thing is the room lighting distort colours horridly for a true representation of my work. This oil piece is inspired by one of the sunsets we watched together in Mai Chau, Vietnam on our end of year trip last December. The valley was filled with a mysterious light of blues, pinks, purples and yellows. The harvested fields reflected glitters of the sunset into gold and orange sparklings and the incredible mountain range was just basked in the same hues of the sky. On the back of the canvas, there's a secret two sentence poem. 

First time painting for a significant other, and first time feeling so anxious about giving a gift. Hope you like it, J. Love you.

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