27 Sept 2014

Oh Sevilla

Seville has to be my favourite city travelled in Spain. Even beyond how much I love Spain itself. I'm so drawn to the culture, people and food set amidst magnificent architecture and weather. It's my perfect place to live (so far) and I will never say no to a chance to go back again. My words won't do this place justice so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here's one of my most memorable meals where we were watching sunset at 9pm with a playground across the road offering waves of joyful children laughters. Each tapa didn't cost more than €4 (with the exception of the truffle mushroom risotto, which was €6). It was so good we went back for another meal on our last day!

This Spain trip is by far my favourite travel experience, thanks to the wonderful AirBnB hosts I've met along the way and for J for being spontaneous with me throughout. I'll never forget our walks through the quiet royal gardens, skipping down cobbled streets, willingly getting lost in neighbourhoods, and sharing tapa whenever and wherever. Perfect happiness isn't about going to the most expensive cities, but explore the unexplored with a pure mind in search of new beauty and self. 

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