6 Nov 2014

Coco Mercy X Daisy Knights

Writing this post got me reminiscing about London so much! Just a couple of weeks before leaving the city, I had the pleasure of interviewing Daisy Knights via email and viewing her unreleased and bestselling pieces firsthand. It's been an amazing time working with Annielka, an online designer jewellery retailer based in Singapore. Thanks to Angela for the great opportunity! You can read more about our previous collaborations here and here.

Whether you're a faithful reader of British Vogue or simply just a designer jewellery fanatic, Daisy Knights will surely not be an unfamiliar name to you. Now her jewellery is stocked in Singapore on AnnielkaWith a bold mix of influences – from raw nature to punk rock n’ roll, Daisy Knights handcrafts outstanding women's jewellery that has captured the hearts of celebrities and fashion editors alike with her distinctive british designs. What I admire most about Daisy on top of her undeniable talent is that she contributes to sustainable fashion by using only recycled silver and designs many collections for charitable causes. Fashion royalties like Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Rihanna and Daisy Lowe are all fans of the brand, including her original feather designs.

Here's what she has to say about her 4-year-old namesake label.

1. Who is the Daisy Knights girl?
She is a lover of fashion but not label obsessed. Relaxed, comfortable in herself. Active.

2. What is Daisy Knights’ design philosophy?
Each item of jewellery is lovingly hand made here in Britain, giving each piece its own story that mass production just cannot achieve. A free spirit and bohemian city style is reflected through each new collection, the fusion between the sea, nature and the city is a constant within my work and inspirations. I aim to create timeless, precious treasures to be kept and cherished forever.

3. What is the standard procedure involved in making a piece of jewellery?
I make a mood board each season to design from. Then I sketch, make the models in metal and then I ignore them for a few days so I can go back with a fresh mind and decide if I like them. Then I make the masters (prototypes) in metal and send to my workshop for production.

4. What are your top 3 signature must-have pieces?
The Skull studs, Feather ear cuff and Friendship bracelet.

5. Share with us some fashion icons that are currently wearing Daisy Knights’ jewellery?
Ella Eyre wears my long feather ring, Ellie Goulding was spotted with my Toro ring and Rita Ora in my personalised friendship bracelet.

6. You recently travelled to Panama, that’s really exotic! What can you share with us?

I spent my time surfing, paddle boarding and sketching for my new collection. I have just done a collaboration with Olay Glow Perfecters range and I designed this in Panama too so it offered me a lot of inspiration for my work. I love exploring new countries and think it's important to have a variety of experiences to draw from.

So during my visit to her PR agency, they had a show table set up with the latest Daisy Knights designs! Here you get an exclusive preview before everyone else!

Amongst her many diverse designs, my favourite pieces will still be those stocked at Annielka - the 22k Gold Large Feather Pendent Necklace and the 22k Studded Gold Vermeil Ring which I tried on during my shoot for them. Another piece I would really love to covet is the Large Feather Ring! And I heard some of them are on sale, so...

As a child, one of the most memorable things I remember my father got me was a gold necklace with a round pendent at birth. On one side it was engraved with a '福' (chinese for blessing, happiness or luck) and the other side a sheep, my zodiac. The next piece of jewellery was my gold necklace and diamond cross pendent for my 21st birthday, and subsequently a double chain gold bracelet from my parents. I wear all of them on me every day now. Jewellery became a symbol of love and family for me, and something that holds my parents close to my heart. The more I grow older, the more I see the significance in owning and choosing good jewellery. While many may not want heirloom pieces for daily wear but yet want quality jewellery that serve the same purpose, Annielka provides that alternative and a good selection of styles that are classic yet edgy and versatile which are not available elsewhere in Singapore.

Note: this post is not an advertisement and all content are sourced and written in my personal opinion.  

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