26 Oct 2015


As many of you would know, I've been ghosting on this space because I've been so busy immersed in working on the first big baby project of my life... My very own designer label! After 16 months of hard, hard work (I'll save the details on this for the next time), I'm finally able to proudly present to you: KALAIA Label.

The process of defining this label has been difficult, just as how difficult I find it to define myself sometimes. I eventually let the label become a manifestation of myself, my inner desires and perspective of life. KALAIA represents the ultimate embodiment of a refined and sensual woman who lives for freedom. She is art, nature and beyond all, herself.

Here are some of my favourite shots from our Campaign for the Debut Resort Collection: To Anywhere.

View the rest of the Campaign here, and read more about KALAIA here.

To say a huge thank you for your support thus far, use the code TOANYWHERE for 15% off your purchase. I'm also running a limited time free express international shipping promotion, so catch it before it's gone! xx

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